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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about roses and chocolates. In Ukraine, it is a time to express love, celebrate relationships, and make special memories with their loved ones. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated with a mixture of traditional customs, from decorating the house in red and white ribbons to singing romantic songs and exchanging heartfelt gifts. But it is also a unique affair filled with surprises, spontaneous activities, and unexpected gestures of love. Read on to discover the magical ways Ukrainian women celebrate Valentine’s Day – from creating special dishes to hosting unforgettable parties – as well as how you can experience the joys of Ukrainian culture first-hand this Valentine’s season.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus. Valentinus was a Roman priest who was martyred during the persecution of Christians in the third century. The day became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages when the concept of romantic love was formulated.

In recent years, Valentine’s Day has been increasingly commercialized. In addition to traditional gift-giving, many people now exchange cards, flowers, and chocolates with their loved ones. Some people even go so far as to hire a professional matchmaker to help them find a suitable partner.

Ukraine is no different when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Many Ukrainian women go out of their way to make sure that their loved ones have a special day. They may cook a special meal, buy flowers or chocolates, or even take their loved ones on a romantic getaway. Whatever they do, they do it with love and sincerity.

So if you’re looking for something special to do for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not try something that Ukrainian women do? You might just be surprised at how much your loved one will appreciate it!

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The History of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, but it is thought to have originated from a Roman festival called Lupercalia. The festival was held every year on February 15th and was a celebration of fertility. During the festival, young men would strip naked and run through the streets chasing women with whips made from animal skins. The women would line up to be whipped because they believed it would make them more fertile.

Eventually, the Catholic Church decided to co-opt the holiday and turn it into a celebration of Saint Valentine, who was a martyr for love. The holiday became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages and has been celebrated ever since.

In Ukraine, Valentine’s Day is celebrated much like it is in other parts of the world. Couples exchange gifts and often go out for a romantic dinner. However, Ukrainian women also like to add their own unique touch to the holiday. Many women will prepare a special meal for their loved ones, often featuring traditional Ukrainian dishes such as borscht or pierogies. Others will write poetry or songs for their Valentines, or bake heart-shaped cakes adorned with icing and chocolate hearts. No matter how they choose to celebrate, Ukrainian women always make sure that Valentine’s Day is a day to remember!

How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. Women in particular celebrate this day by dressing up in beautiful dresses and going out with their significant others. They also exchange gifts, usually flowers or chocolates. If a woman does not have a boyfriend or husband, she often celebrates with her friends instead.

On this day, it is customary for couples to spend time together and perhaps go out for a romantic dinner. Many men also give their partners flowers and chocolates. It is not uncommon for couples to exchange heartfelt letters on this day as well. In general, Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is a day for celebrating love and affection between two people, whether they are married or dating.

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What Do Ukrainian Women Do To Celebrate?

Valentine’s Day is a special day for Ukrainian women, as it is a time to celebrate love and affection. While some women may choose to celebrate with their partner, others may prefer to spend the day with friends or family. However, there are a few traditional activities that many Ukrainian women enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

One popular activity is to exchange gifts with loved ones. Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are always well-received, but Ukrainian women also appreciate more unique or personal gifts. Another way to show your love on Valentine’s Day is to write a heartfelt letter or poem. This can be especially romantic if it is written in Ukrainian!

Another tradition that many Ukrainian women follow on Valentine’s Day is to prepare a special meal for their loved ones. A typical Valentine’s Day feast might include borscht (beet soup), pierogi (dumplings), and kolacky (a type of cookie). Of course, no meal would be complete without a bottle of champagne or red wine!

Finally, Ukrainian women often like to spend Valentine’s Day by going out for a romantic evening. This might involve going out for dinner and drinks, seeing a movie, or simply walking together under the stars. No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is sure to be special when spent with someone you love!


All in all, a Ukrainian Valentine’s Day is an enchanting time filled with love and romance. From dedicated candlelit dinners to romantic strolls through the park, women from Ukraine know how to make their special someone feel loved and appreciated. Whether it’s celebrating your married bliss or just simply being grateful for each other, Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is sure to be a magical one!

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