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Russian women are well-known around the world as beautiful, smart, and independent. If you’re interested in dating one, read on to learn the best ways to start your relationship. 

Whether you’re planning on visiting Russia or just hoping to meet someone new here in the United States, this guide will help you ensure that your expectations align with reality so that your relationship can be as fulfilling as possible from the get-go.

Be Confident

Russian women will appreciate your confidence. Make eye contact and initiate a conversation with her. Offer her your arm for help if you need assistance. Whenever possible, offer to carry heavy or small items and open doors for her. Maintain your confidence, however. If you’re aggressive and vulgar, she will lose interest quickly. Respect her privacy and maintain modesty in front of others.

russian women dating

Don’t Touch Her Inappropriately

If she seems uncomfortable with physical contact, don’t touch her without asking first. It’s easy for that kind of stuff to come off as harassment in the wrong context. 

Don’t comment on her appearance and never tell her what to wear. Don’t interrupt when she is talking. Remember, this is about two people getting to know one another. The most important thing about dating a Russian woman is a respect for one another-that includes respecting her culture and customs.

Show Her Respect

Russians want their men to show them respect. They are looking for husbands, not boys. That doesn’t mean you can’t be playful and flirty, but don’t let things escalate too quickly or make any moves that might be interpreted as creepy in Western culture.  A lot of what it means to respect a woman has nothing to do with gender or sexuality. You don’t touch her without invitation, you don’t impose on her personal space, and you give her room for independence. 

Listen To Her Problems And Support Her

Listening to your girlfriend’s problems and providing her with emotional support are important parts of dating, no matter what her ethnicity. Avoid interrupting her or trying to fix the problem for her. Offer physical comfort such as hugs, but make sure she is not interested in sex first. She might not want you to fix her problems or offer her advice. Instead, listen and encourage her to vent. After she has said everything she wants, ask how you can help. 

russian women dating

Take an Interest in What She Likes

It can be frustrating when your partner’s interests are different from yours. Knowing that she has different interests than you may be one of the many things that initially attracted you to her, but it can also cause problems if those differences become too great.

Russian women love their culture and traditions and take great pride in their homeland. Try to learn some basic phrases in Russian if you can. Even speaking a few words will make her feel special and appreciated.

Respect Her Family

It is customary for your date to take care of her parents, grandparents, and any other family members she may have. A successful date will be one where you both are making an effort to show the other person’s family that they care about them.  Men in Russia are also expected to be chivalrous, so always open doors for your date. It is important that you show respect from the beginning. You should also always carry gifts when visiting new relatives.

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To have a healthy relationship, both partners must be able to feel respected and supported. If you want your girlfriend from Russia to respect you, you need to show her that you care about her needs and desires. Open communication with your partner will help build trust and strengthen your union.

To be a success in a relationship with a woman from Russia, men should not just listen and observe. They need to ask her out on dates and make sure they are romantic.

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