Dream Singles Profile

A perfect relationship is peace and harmony around a person. By harmony I mean finding compromises, listening and understanding, respecting each other’s opinions and interests. Of course, emotionally, I am sure that our relationship will bring us a lot of passion and will reveal our sensuality and tenderness. It’s important to trust each other – because jealousy or interrogation is a sign of insecurity. I want my partner to be confident in himself – and so will he be 100% confident in me.


Name : Tatiana

ID : 9911040

Gender : Female

Age : 24

Country : Ukraine

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Grey


Tender or passionate, soft or persistent – I am beautiful in every one of my mood, because I’m real. My emotions – are a part of me, my feminine essence, but I need my man, with whom I can feel myself the most desirable. I can accept the situation, and people such as they are – with all their advantages and disadvantages. After all, every person need to be happy despite sometimes it’s seems to be impossible. But the main thing – to stay optimistic and to enjoy any victory, even the most insignificant. I am optimist and I think that in any situation you can find the positive side, but you need a little bit to try.


Fitness, reading, movies, traveling, drawing, paper craft.


I have to admit that I don’t expect you be perfect. I just want you be mature, steadfast and purposeful man with whom I can share all secrets. An essential quality is that you always keep your promises, including the ones you promise to yourself! And always take responsibility for your words and actions! So if you think you could be such man, do not hesitate to write me. I am here waiting for you!